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Gigantic Glendale Web Design Motivated

We create gigantic Glendale web designs that are motivated to bring High results with a small budget. We provide you with a sparkling website that is a perfect fit for your business brand or service company.

We are a budget friendly company no matter how big or small your Glendale company is, we believe we have carried over that concept since 2003, very much due to the fact that that’s what a lot of businesses were still trying to make their foot in the Internet, trying very much so hard so to get their business above the competition.

There was a lot of black hat tactics in those days, so it was a race, nevertheless it was all about funding as well. At that time we continued to stick with the startups and the just up-and-coming service companies. It really paid off, because most of our clients have been with us for 15 years plus. Let us help your business, make us your Glendale web designer of choice.

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How often will there be website maintenance for our Glendale web design?

Glad you asked. For the first year after we do a new design or redesign/facelift or even a complete overhaul for your Glendale web design, we provide a full year of free maintenance. This maintenance usually involves one hour free maintenance a month, those specifically are for image edits, text revisions or additions etc.

If it is in fact in which should be a WordPress format, we will do a website and SQL backup at least once a month. Nevertheless if there is something, that you think cannot be handled within an hour, no worries we will provide you with expected cost if it is to be two hours of work, if it’s an hour and ½, no worries we are stressed out. All we want to do is make sure that your site is up to date and that you are satisfied.


Glendale Web Design Local SEO

Most the time it is best to design your Glendale web design company the ground up, but of course if your site is already been in existence for a while without any type of SEO, but you like the format and or somewhat of a visual feeling, we will still have to do some methods of redesigning just for the fact of implementing organic SEO.

Text isn’t just the onlypart of SEO, images are as well, and of course video. We make sure to satisfy all the various parameters set by the search engines for your page rank and a higher placement. In turn when your user searches for a specific question, our hopes in the end results are that your landing page will, between position one and position six, we can never guarantee number one, we are just being honest, but we want to give you the highest position possible for your search results.

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