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Organic SEO

Organic SEO at its BEST

There are many benefits to being listed in the organic SEO results, but the ones to consider as a small business are:

Efficient and Inexpensive Marketing – reduce your business development costs significantly. After you’re maintaining a high ranking, you’re basically getting free traffic. More traffic & ultimately more potential customers. There’s a significant amount of research that says people click on the organic results vs. the paid. Numbers from 75-84% click on the Natural results vs. 16-25% clicks on the paid results are what’s generally accepted in the search community.

organic seo

Organic SEO hasn't really changed

organic seo from the past

Here’s a graphic for the past, as you see organic SEO hasn’t really changed much for the most part. of course as you can see both Google and Yahoo have removed the right hand PPC area and in today’s results Google doesn’t go page by page, rather it keeps scrolling down and down enabling the user to load more results in the organic area, but that’s really it aesthetically.

What has changed however, is the algorithms from Google, such as spamming content, specific image sizes and still of course speed. While Google nitpicks every little thing according to its algorithms, Yahoo which is pretty much Bing state consistently the same as they were with backlinks and such. I’m not there go into the specifics, because that is what companies like us are here for.

I wouldn’t doubt that you get phone calls and constant emails every day mentioning that your site is not optimized and can be found on Google, when you know yourself you are being found on Google, but these tactics by marketers solely look on what’s not being found to get you in their clutches. GrafixBox is not that type of company, we only want to focus on your local service and or product that you’re trying to get found, not just on Google, but all search engines for the best interest of your product or service.

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